Features and Types of Best Circular Saws

Does cutting in a straight line seems such as a daunting task? So, a circular saw is the best solution for you. Equipped with the right blade, these types of saws are accomplished of cutting steel, masonry, ceramic tiles and wood, thus there is a rapid buying guide to select the right one to make your project a success.

Circular Saws Explained

A circular saw is a robust instrument that is capable of making precise and straight cuts of a variety of materials, particularly wood, sheet metal and high strength materials. Also, you can equip your circular saw with a variety of blades that may factually break anything from concrete blocks to wood and bricks. They may be ordered in numerous sizes and everything has a certain depth of cutting, with the cutting capacity straight related to the diameter of the blade.

Design Options of the Circular Saw

It is very important to select the correct circular design to determine which options are right for you. There are three key designs to choose from with circular saws, so it is essential to read the features of every kind to invest in the perfect one for your project and, sometimes, depending on your wants, you may require more than one type of circular saw. Learn more.

Different Types of Circular Saws:

Worm Drive Saws

This type of circular saw receives its name from its drive process due to its spiral design. Like most circular saws, the motor of the auger saws is aligned with the blade that weighs between 12lbs to 15ibs, with a diameter of 6-1/2 inches to 8-1/2 inches in diameter. The motor of the worm saws boasts superior power and a torque as well as enough to saw concrete or even carve wet wood, which makes them the ideal choice for main renovations or framing work. Worm saws are quite heavy as well, so they are also ideal for projects that do not need you to hold the unit while you work, such as trestle projects.

Sidewinder Circular Saws

With this type of saws, the motor is placed next to the blade, making them very light and more easy to use during a long day. They are equipped with a blade that measures between 5 inches and 10 inches or more in diameter and may weigh between 6lbs to 11lbs. The different worm saws, where the motor is hidden behind the blade, the motor of the side saws is placed to the right or left side of its blade. It is significant to pay attention to the place of the blade that dictates your level of comfort with a side saw.

Trim Circular Saws

For small-scale projects like paneling carpentry work, final work or simply cutting materials that are quite thin, trim circular saws are the best option. They are awfully light, which makes them easy to control when using them. In addition, they weigh between 4lbs to 8lbs, with a blade diameter between 3-1/2 inches to 4-1/2 inches.

The circular saw has a broad meaning and includes several saws, which people cannot have realized were saws. With a circular saw that prepares to cut a product easier and more precise, the circular saw has a greater precision for these type of wood projects. Regardless of the type of wood project you are about to participate in, there is perhaps a circular saw that will work for you. More details in site: https://mitersawjudge.com/best-circular-saw-reviews-buying-guide/