Types of Miter Saws

There are a few different types of miter saws, and some of them perform very different functions than others. It is important to know what each saw is capable of so that you have the best miter saw for the job.

In this miter saw review article, we will be talking about a few of the different kinds of miter saws. This review is short, so if you want a more indepth review check out garage craftsman

A hand miter saw, or miter box is the most inexpensive of all miter saw best options. The miter box is usually bright yellow and will come with a handsaw. You can only make very basic miter cuts with a miter box and you’ll expend a large amount of energy in doing so. While this is an acceptable option for very basic work, you probably want to go with a basic miter power saw.

With a basic miter saw, the arm that holds the blade rotates on the vertical axis in order to make miter cuts. You can also make crosscuts (basic through-and-through) cuts with a miter saw but you cannot make more complicated beveled cuts or compound cuts.

A compound miter saw will allow the blade head to tilt horizontally as well as vertically. This allows the miter saw to make bevel cuts as well as compound cuts. This is the most versatile saw there is as it can perform just about any cut you can think of.

Miter saws have differing sizes of blades, too. A 12-inch blade can evidently cut a much larger piece of wood than an 8-inch blade can.

You also need to think about if the miter saw best for you will have a fixed blade arm or if you want one that allows the blade to slide. A sliding compound miter saw will allow you to cut larger pieces of wood without buying expensive blades.